It takes highly influential leaders to

       endure challenging times.

      We Strengthen Influence



Your team should implement your initiatives, ideas, and direction with the same intent, focus, and enthusiasm that you demonstrate.

We will help you make

that a part of your organizational culture,

from top to bottom.


Without a clear and objective picture of your organization, you cannot move forward without wasting time on trial and error.

Our assessment is quick and simple, yet uses state-of-the-art methods that let you know exactly where you need to focus your efforts and energy.


Accountability is the single most important part of consistent, excellent performance.


We will work with your team to build a program that keeps the fire of your vision burning and enables disciplined initiative, ownership, and constant improvement.

Intent and Focus

Quick and Simple

Vision and Accountability


Paul Cal, Manager Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC)

John Moore is an outstanding leader in every respect.


He achieves outstanding results and transforms his organizations into centers of excellence. John has great motivational skills. He brings out the best in his people and empowers them to perform to their highest level. John has the highest level of integrity and everyone admires and respects him. Smart, effective, efficient, and caring, John is one of the best leaders I have ever had.

Eric Brisebois, President, Tremplin Marketing

John Moore is what we could call “An inspiration by action!”

He is a man of rock solid integrity, inspires confidence and will move you forward in a powerful and effective way. He is the kind of person you want to follow! I had the chance to see him in action and he was able to bring a group of people together by his honest charisma, wisdom and intensity. If you need to bring a team together or overcome a major business obstacle, John is the partner you want beside you.

Rick Albee, Hiller Avenue Partners, LLC

I had the privilege of working with John though the Center for Executive Coaching during an intensive workshop on coaching skills. John is an extremely capable and experienced coach and leader who focuses intently on the needs of his clients.


I hope to work with him again and I highly recommend him and his company to prospective clients and other coaches.

Moore-Strength Executive Leadership

& Business Advisors

Overland Park, Kansas  66224

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