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The best there is
by any standard

Just talking with him gives you a sense of energy and power to get things done!

John measured his success based on the growth

and advancements

of his subordinates.

He is a man of rock solid integrity, inspires confidence
and will move you forward in a powerful and effective way.

What people are saying about Moore Strength

"John Moore is the most effective Defense Coordinating Officer in the country.

An emergency management/disaster response expert, John has led response operations for the Department of Defense, worked closely with local, state, and federal emergency managers and other officials, and understand the "business"

of emergency management. The best there is by any standard."

Lieutenant General Guy Swan, USA, Ret. Vice President at Association

of the United States Army (AUSA) and Executive Director of the Institute
of Land Warfare


"I had the privilege of working with John though the Center for Executive Coaching during an intensive workshop on coaching skills. John is an extremely capable

and experienced coach and leader who focuses intently on the needs of his clients.

I hope to work with him again and I highly recommend him and his company to prospective clients and other coaches. Thanks, John!"

Rick Albee, Hiller Avenue Partners, LLC


"John brings an abundance of value to any organization with his extensive background in leadership development and strategic planning not only in through his Military background but equally through his company Moore Strength Executive Leadership and Business Advisors.


I recently had the pleasure to work side-by-side with John and experience his strategic communication skills and innovative approach to solving problems first hand. It was an amazing and pleasurable experience. I would recommend John to any Executive Leader looking to break through the next level or just looking for an exceptional Keynote speaker."

Phyllis Horton-Mack, President PMack Enterprise


"John Moore is what we could call “An inspiration by action!” He is a man of rock solid integrity, inspires confidence and will move you forward in a powerful and effective way. He is the kind of person you want to follow! I had the chance to see him in action and he was able to bring a group of people together by his honest charisma, wisdom and intensity. If you need to bring a team together or overcome a major business obstacle, John is the partner you want beside you."

Eric Brisebois, President, Tremplin Marketing


"John's experience in developing leaders is something that is unique and

powerful to any organization. His blend of developing leaders in different sectors

like the Military and in corporations is a powerful asset to any executive or team.

I highly recommend him. Just talking with him gives you a sense of energy and power to get things done!"

Tricia Andreassen, CEO Andreassen Consulting


"John Moore was an extraordinary Deputy Chief of Staff for the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command. His direct impact on coordinating the staff and working critical, sensitive issues was enormous and long lasting. He possesses a gift for leading teams to on-time, relevant outcomes and also for building strong outcome-focused teams across large organizations. He has wonderful talents for developing subordinates, intuitive problem solving, detailed planning and battle tracking execution through task completion. Could not have asked for a better teammate."

Lieutenant General Joseph Martz, Army Budget Director
and Senior Comptroller


"John Moore is an outstanding leader in every respect. He achieves outstanding results and transforms his organizations into centers of excellence. John has great motivational skills. He brings out the best in his people and empowers them to perform to their highest level. John has the highest level of integrity and everyone admires and respects him. Smart, effective, efficient, and caring, John is one of the best leaders I have ever had."

Paul Cal, Manager Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC)


"John is a superb leader, manager, coach, and mentor. John has the depth and breadth of experience in multiple areas of expertise. John measured his success based on the growth and advancements of his subordinates. This is a rare trait that motivates his peers and subordinates to go above and beyond to accomplish the mission. I would work for or with John any day and in any capacity."

Carol Anderson, Colonel, Retired US Army Engineer Officer


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