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Team Morale and Engagement: R-Tangible Rewards

The R in MORALE is tangible rewards. Nearly every person goes to work with an expectation of tangible rewards. The more common are obviously compensation and benefits, both of which have a significant impact upon employee morale and engagement. Other tangible rewards include formal recognition such as promotions, commendations, organizational awards, valuable training, time off, sought after responsibilities, and a host of others. When additional financial benefits are unavailable at a particular point in time, these others can mean a great deal to many employees. It is also not enough for most people to simply receive a paycheck and their other benefits. Other forms of tangible reward in addition to compensation and benefits become a powerful incentive to give a greater degree of effort and participate in solving hard problems. When all of these are insufficient or absent you will find very little additional effort beyond the minimum that is required to get paid.

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